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School of Business Administration Holds a General Meeting
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On the afternoon of September 9, School of Business Administration held a general meeting at the conference hall of the library on the Songjiang campus. The meeting was also streamed online through Tencent Meeting. The faculty of School of Business Administration attended the meeting in person or via videoconferencing. Wang Xiaoguang, dean of School of Business Administration, presided over the meeting.

Wang Xiaoguang, dean of School of Business Administration, first summarized the work of the previous semester, and then presented the school’s preparatory work for master’s degree authorizations, visits to certification sites, execution of financial budgets, and policies concerning leaving Shanghai and returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic to all teachers of the school. Besides, he wished all teachers a happy Teacher’s Day.  

Subsequently, Xu Xiaolong, vice dean of School of Business Administration, explained and analyzed the problems and difficulties encountered by the school’s teachers in online teaching, and recognized the efforts of all teachers. He hoped that all teachers could better use Chaoxing Platform in the future. Furthermore, since some areas are still high-risk areas and some students cannot return to school, the teachers of certain courses still need to carry out online and offline teaching synchronously. 


Wang Feng, vice dean of School of Business Administration, emphasized the importance of scientific research academically, and pointed out that all teachers should exert more efforts in the school’s research subject application.  

Deng Na, deputy secretary of the CPC General Party Branch of School of Business Administration, presented the current returning and health condition of students against the background of epidemic prevention and control, and introduced three new counselors to the faculty, i.e. Wang Rui, Wang Min and Lou Mingzhu. The faculty extended warm welcome to them.


In the end, Li Weidong, secretary of CPC General Party Branch of School of Business Administration, summarized the general meeting, and led the faculty to study “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China (III)andParty History, New China History, Reform and Opening-up History, and Socialist Development Historyat the general meeting.


The general meeting came to an end in warm applause of the faculty. It fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the faculty, drove the future development of the school, made the faculty more united, and promoted the better and faster development of the school.






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