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School of Business Administration Promotes the Industry-University Cooperation with Trueland Group
Newstime:2020-06-11    Author:工商管理学院   Hits:

In order to implement the industry-university cooperation project of State Education Commission of the PRC and to hold further negotiations on more opportunities for industry-university cooperation, on June 10, Li Weidong, secretary of CPC General Party Branch of School of Business Administration, led the marketing teaching team to visit Trueland Group. The team visited some of Trueland Group’s departments, such as big data smart marketing center, industrial marketing department, and smart marketing platform R&D department, and talked with Zhang Peng, senior vice president of Trueland Group, about various aspects such as students’ practice, graduation practice, teacher training, and industry-university integration. Through negotiation, School of Business Administration reached a consensus with Trueland Group that they would first implement the previous smart marketing student practice program of State Education Commission of the PRC between the parties and then gradually explore new areas of cooperation, and would regard the industry-universitycooperation as the engine for teaching and research to make greater achievements.


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