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The 11th "100 Yuan" Marketing Competition Cloud-based Final of Our School Successfully Completes
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On April 30, the 11th 100 Yuan Marketing Competition Final was successfully completed, which was attended and judged by Deng Na, deputy secretary of General Party Branch and vice dean of the School, college teachers including Hong Ming, Liu Fengxia and Qi Yuan, and Yuan Guangping, secretary of Youth League Committee of the School.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition adopted new online competition rules and forms. The preliminary competition was set for evaluating the online planning ability of competitors, and semi-final for evaluating the mode of online marketing, and the final competition for presentation ability via Tencent conference platform. There were four teams qualified for the final of the competition, which was divided into two parts: PowerPoint presentation and judges' questions. After a furious competition, TalkGame team won the first place, "I Really Need Money" team won the second place, Hengshui team won the third place, Genius No.1 and Hermes 6+1 teams were awarded as the excellent teams.


This competition broke the traditional offline 100 Yuan marketing mode, shifted the offline marketing to online marketing, guided the combination of online and offline marketing, and stimulated students' innovative thinking. Besides, the competition had fully shown the ability of contemporary college students, exploited their innovation potential, promoted their learning of new media marketing skills, and gave them an opportunity to practice and experience the marketing development direction of multimedia. Additionally, the competition set up a stage for the students to show themselves, and the final competition was broadcast live and pushed to the students who missed it through recorded video, hoping that the students would apply their professional knowledge to practice and lay a solid foundation for becoming marketing talents in the future.

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