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Relay in the Warm Spring: School of Business Administration Students Volunteer to Fight the Epidemic
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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, numerous volunteer students have emerged from the School of Business Administration. They have passed on the baton and expressed their firm confidence in the front line of fighting the epidemic with the blood of youth to protect their home and country. The members of first Party branch of School of Business Administration answered the summons of the University and actively participated in the volunteer service to fight the epidemic, with the selfless spirit to take risks for the country, fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention with practical actions. Among them, Li Sini, a student of Class 2 of Real Estate Development and Management major admitted in 2017, and Zhang Keyu, a student of Cass 6 of Business Administration major admitted in 2018 are the advanced models in volunteer service offered by students of School of Business Administration.


During the outbreak of COVID-19, Li Sini, a probationary member of the Communist Party of China, enrolled in volunteer activities at the Hongxi Village checkpoint. Her main work was to assist staff in registering external household registration, checking residents who just returned to Shanghai, recording their body temperatures, personal information and train number to Shanghai, while publicizing the related knowledge of COVID-19 prevention to residents. In this activity, she found that everyone was actively cooperating to provide personal information and showed a strong sense of safety, which enabled her to carry out her work with ease. As a probationary member of the Communist Party of China, Li Sini never forgets her original aspiration, remembers her mission, dedicates herself to the work of epidemic prevention, and plays a pioneering and exemplary role of the Party members. She hoped that during the period of epidemic prevention, all of us can protect ourselves, overcome all difficulties together, so that the normal study, work and life can be resumed as soon as possible.


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