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Teachers and Students of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance Work together to Fight Against the COVID-19
Newstime:2020-03-05    Author:工商管理学院 羊米林   Hits:

Upon seeing the poster of "volunteer recruitment for protective clothing production service" released by the Pudong Youth League Committee, Yang Milin of the School of Business Administration immediately signed up for the activity and went to Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd. in Zhoupu Town, Pudong on the evening of Mar. 15 as scheduled. Due to the urgent commencement of the factory and the lack of sufficient staff for production and packaging, volunteers were mainly responsible for the quality inspection, sorting, packing and other follow-up processes of protective clothing.

As a new teacher working for over 1 year at the School, under the leadership of the leaders of the School and the University, he not only concentrates on scientific research and teaching, but also actively participates in social practice. During this outbreak of the pandemic, the teachers of our school made their great efforts to support the front-line medical staff. Yang Milin said that he was assigned to the night shift from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day, and volunteers needed to work continuously all night. Everyone was responsible for different processes, so they tried their best. Though long time standing made their waists and legs ache, the volunteers had little rest. Some volunteers said that if they could make protective clothing one more, the front-line medical staff would be safer, and it was this responsibility and mission that promoted them to go ahead.

Through their efforts, the volunteers has ultimately made 15 boxes of medical protective clothing, which will be sent to the front line of the epidemic prevention, and won the recognition and appreciation from the plant director.




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