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Our School Keeps Carrying out the Education Work on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Our school always attaches great importance to students' innovation and entrepreneurship education, actively carries out a series of innovation and entrepreneurship related activities, and strives to develop students to high-quality compound talents needed by the society.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our school has actively organized and carried out a series of guidance on innovation and entrepreneurship, implemented special tutoring in the form of cloud-based classroom onThought on the Game Between Theme Entrepreneurship and Employment: the Important Preparation Needed for Employment,What is an Entrepreneur? Do You Know Entrepreneurs? How to Learn Innovation and Entrepreneurship? - Some Suggestions on How to Learn to Start a Business, andThe Secret of Success in Starting a Business and Winning a Prize in the Competition: Innovation Concept and Technology, and invited keynote speakers including the winner's project leader of the "Internet plus" contest, the entrepreneur talents and entrepreneurship tutors, to share experience with the students, which enables students to know the preparatory work in the early stage of entrepreneurship, difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship, the core technology of the enterprise, the preparation of roadshow materials and other knowledge in advance, so that more students can understand and approach entrepreneurship.


Under the active guidance of the school, the interest of innovation and entrepreneurship is growing throughout the school, and students' enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship practice keeps soaring, creating a good innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere. In the future, the school will continue to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education, strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation organizations, build a second classroom practical education system focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship education, introduce modular innovation and entrepreneurship education resources and platforms, and encourage and guide students to improve their innovation and entrepreneurship ability in theoretical study and practice.

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