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SBA carry out online teaching demonstration activity
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In order to improve the level of online teaching and promote the exchange of online teaching experience. SBA’s faculty carried out online teaching demonstration activity on 8th April, 2020. Professor Gedemonstrated how toteach course through Chao Xing online platform, and shared the experiences with other faculties. There were about 30 faculties participated.

 Professor Ge took the "Entrepreneurship and Career Development" chapter of the course "Fundamental of Entrepreneurship" as an online teaching class example, to give an online teaching demonstration for the other faculties. During the online teaching process, she successively issued learning instructions such as class registration, learning task notice, PPT recording learning, classwork, class discussion, filling in feedback questionnaire through the online teaching platform. The other faculties who participated as "students" follow the instructions issued by Professor Ge in an orderly "learning", inquiring from time to time in the learning process and discussing the teaching process. They generally believe that the online teaching design is reasonable, the online teaching materials are rich and substantial and the classroom rhythm is properly controlled.





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