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Teachers of Our School Gather on the Cloud to Carry out Online Teaching and Research Activities in the New Semester
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In order to improve the online teaching skills and level of college teachers, and further properly manage the online teaching of all majors in the spring semester 2020, on the afternoon of March 25, 2020, teachers of all majors in the School of Business Administration carried out a novel online teaching and research activity respectively under the organization and guidance of the director. In forms of online conference video, WeChat group discussion and other ways, teachers conducted experience exchange and sharing on the first week of online teaching, and talked about their own online teaching experience.


Under the guidance of Guo Hubin, the director of the department, the teaching and research activity of logistics management was carried out in the way of WeChat group around "Network Teaching Practice and Experience Summary". Wang Xiaoguang, dean of the School, first shared his online teaching mode. He adopted the "combination of Learning and Notice with WeChat group", with Tencent conference service as back-up to prevent unexpected emergencies. According to the requirements of the university, he prepared the courses in the form of PPT screen recording, with the Chaoxing Learning as the main platform of online teaching, where he organized students to check in, issued notices, arranged quick answering, and carried out teaching activities such as course discussion and after-school test. Besides, he took WeChat group as an auxiliary platform, where he issued class reminders and other notices, and answered questions about students' learning in and after class. He received good teaching effect during the practice, with all students completing the learning tasks and exercises after class. According to the comprehensive consideration of different course content and different teaching objects, Wang Yuanfeng carried out the flexible arrangement in the specific implementation process, adopting various forms of teaching organization such as "video recording", "software recording screen" and "MOOC resources". Every week, he arranged the same learning content as the previous normal classes, and each time, he asked students to watch one or two videos, and at the same time, he offered online teaching in real time by Chaoxing Learning APP and WeChat group. Among them, check-in, discussion, test, homework and other main content were all carried out on Chaoxing Learning APP, and WeChat group was adopted for answering questions from students. Zou Zhonghai adopted the method of "video plus QQ voice teaching", which received positive feedback from students. Xiao Xiao, Zhang Jing, Chen Zhi and other teachers also shared their online teaching experience and insights in detail.



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