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Introduction to School of Business Administration
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The School of Business Administration (SBA) has 98 faculty members, including 8 professors and 25 associate professors. More than 80% of full-time teachers have a doctorate, and over 60% of them have studied abroad or served as academic visitors. The vast majority of the teachers have experience in education work and industry practice. In addition, the school engages famous overseas professors such as "Eastern Scholar" professors and industry experts as part-time professors. Among the faculty members, one was selected for "Pujiang Talents Project", one for "Shanghai Provincial Cross-century Talents Project", one for "Shanghai Provincial Entrepreneurial Leading Talents Project", two as "Shuguang Scholar of Shanghai", and three as "Shanghai Chenguang Scholar". Moreover, many of them hold various positions in national societies.

The school remains committed to its fundamental task of cultivating integrity in students and offers distinctive programs for different majors. It has set up 4 bachelor's degree programs, namely General Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Logistics Management. The programs of Marketing and Logistics management are listed as a "Shanghai Applied Undergraduate Pilot Program", the business administration program as a "Model All-English Planning Program of Universities and Colleges in Shanghai", the Logistics Management program as one of the first "1+X” Certificate System Pilot Programs by the Ministry of Education, and the real estate development and management program as "Outstanding Talent Reserve Base of China Real Estate Association". Now, there are more than 1,600 full-time students in the school.

The Business Administration Program has two characteristic professional directions, namely Business Internationalization and Art Financial Management. The Marketing program focuses on financial marketing, and the Human Resources Management program and Management program are committed to exploring the characteristic training mode of compound professional talents for financial institutions, which has achieved significant results.

In addition, SBA has continued to strengthen its construction of disciplines and specialties. The discipline of business administration is listed as a "First-class Discipline in Shanghai (Class B)" and "Class I Plateau Discipline in Shanghai Universities". In the past five years, our teachers have taken charge of more than 30 projects at the ministerial, provincial and national levels, including the ones funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Fund of China, and the humanities and social sciences research projects under the Ministry of Education. They have published more than 200 academic papers in academic journals at home and abroad and over 20 books and textbooks. On top of that, they have won more than 10 ministerial and provincial awards, including Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award and Shanghai Municipal Decision-making Consulting Research Achievement Award. Furthermore, the school has one Shanghai Provincial Quality Online Course, two Shanghai Excellent Courses, three Demonstrative English-Taught Courses under the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and six key courses of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Adhering to the student-centered education and teaching philosophy, SBA has constantly innovated in the talent training process. It has developed a scientific training program focusing on the development of students’ abilities and qualities, explored innovative talent training modes such as general enrollment and international experimental class, and regularly organized municipal competitions such as Marketing Planning Competition for College students in Shanghai and school-level competitions, which has expanded the social influence of the school. SBA always encourages students to participate in municipal, national, and international competitions for college students and they have won many awards. Through these events, our students have been recognized by the society and enhanced their employment competitiveness.

Over the years, SBA has carried out in-depth cooperation with enterprises and has dozens of signed internship units, including banks and non-bank financial institutions, shipping and logistics enterprises, commercial and trade enterprises, information technology companies and other enterprises and institutions.

The school keeps on promoting open education and deepening international exchanges and cooperation. It has established cooperative relations with many overseas universities such as University of California, Riverside (USA), Roosevelt University (USA), Northern Illinois University (USA), The University of Newcastle, Australia and Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan), to carry out dual degree programs and the "3+1+1" master degree program. Besides, it has developed exchange student programs with University of Utah (USA), Nazareth College (USA), De Montfort University (UK), Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and other colleges and universities. Every year, students are selected to participate in overseas internship or short-term exchange and study programs. Currently, the school keeps on applying for accreditation by the AACSB. After more than five years of efforts, it has made marked progress in it.

The school has always attached great importance to the employment of our students. They have good prospects of employment. Most of graduates are work at financial institutions, famous industrial commercial banks, and are well received by employers.

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